Saturday, 10 September 2011

Deen DeBortoli Vat 1 Durif 2009

This is value deluxe right here!
I've been told about the Deen DeBortoli range of wines by several people but never got round to getting my hands on them. Thanks to the lovely Carrah at DeBortoli who was kind enough to throw me a sample.

Fruit is sourced mainly from the Riverina and a small amount from the King Valley (17%). A great wine on many levels but the price is what keeps stunning me.
Fruit is deep purple and inky. Nose of some earthiness, lifted blackberries, chocolate and obvious savoury oak. This full bodied wine (13.5% abv) has a palate that is well rounded with firm tannins and a deliciously long finish.
Sit it on the table and try and convince your mates you only paid 10 bucks. Stunning value.