Sunday, 13 November 2011

Karra Yerta Eden Valley Riesling 2006

Karra Yerta, like many small businesses, are doing it tough at the moment.  Some wise words shared here by Marie, the owner of Karra Yerta:

So, rather than sit back and do nothing, I took up the $99 challenge. Challenge not in the least!!! $99 for 6 wines is an absolute bargain! Particularly when it has bottle age on its side and the product is of great quality.
My six arrived a few days ago, a mix of two 06 Riesling, two 07 Riesling, one 06 Shiraz Cabernet and one 07 Shiraz Cabernet.
After a few hours in the fridge curiosity got the best of me, and damn, I wasn't disappointed. The Eden Valley 06 Riesling (12% abv) had a good whiff of kerosene on the nose. I was rubbing my hands together with glee! A palate with good textured minerality, some steely elements, and river stones. Good acid which was in balance, but enough to suggest there was plenty of years left in this bad boy. Super long finish, I was pretty happy, and that was only day one.
I came back to it 24 hours on and the nose had developed some wonderful lemony, citrus peel notes. The palate had released itself a little more too. A terrific drop and I'm looking forward to what the 2007 has to offer!