Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dandelion Wines March Hare of the Barossa Mataro 2012

After ripping into into this, you gotta wonder why more punters don't explore the wonders of Mataro. But this is a variety with an identity crisis of sorts simply because it hides behind the guise of three names, yet all three are the same: Mataro, Mourvedre and Monestrell.

This is a very good example of the variety and priced nicely too. Much Mataro is priced above the thirty dollar mark, so this is a handy starting point for those willing to give it a crack.

Sourced from a single vineyard there's a little sweet raspberry and lots of cherry ripe and plummy fruit. Great depth and mouth filling with neat earthiness plus a lick of spice. Soft fine tannins to finish which are a little drying but only encourage another sip.

A quick internet search reveals this can be picked up for around $22. Would I buy it, yes sir!

Region: Barossa Valley
RRP: $27.50

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