Monday, 20 October 2014

Arcadia Bohemia Chardonnay 2013

Whilst I like the label, there's not too much else I like here to be honest.

I've seen this on Vinomofo for sometime and unlike most other wines on this website, it just hangs around week after week. I can only assume they have a bucket load of it and it's not moving.

A friend of mine bought himself some and gave me this bottle to check out. A word I'd use to describe this wine is disjointed. It's all over the shop and had me scratching my head.

This is made by Brendon Keys for Vinomofo with Adelaide Hills fruit. Aromas of chunky oak, over ripe peach plus a whiff of preserved lemon and orange blossom. The palate throws up bitey acid and a waxy sensation. The fruit doesn't match the aromas and leaves a dirty slippery finish in the mouth. The acidity hangs on too and buzzes around. Not pleasant and below average for mine.

Not a wine I'd purchase.

Region: Adelaide Hills
RRP: $15
Source: Gift

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