Sunday, 26 October 2014

Plantagenet Juxtapose Syrah 2012

Winemaker Cath Oates has dished up an absolute belter here. As she tells the story, there was something special going on in a particular vineyard and she decided to treat the fruit a little differently. Deliberately made in the style of a European or Hawkes Bay Syrah, the end result here is gob smackingly delicious.

Red berry fruits dominate all the way. The vibrancy and juicy delivery can easily have you snuggle into the lounge sipping this with a straw. Beautifully balanced, the fruit sits pretty and then ever so gradually melts away.

I'd buy it. In fact I bought a few. The only difference is this was made available for sale at a wine dinner I recently attended. Normally reserved for on premise sales only, I felt a little privileged to have the opportunity to grab some.

If you sit down and the fine establishment you are in has it on the list, don't hesitate!!

Region: Great Southern
RRP: $28
Source: Wine dinner

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