Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Golden Grove Grand Vintage Reserve Nero d'Avola 2012

In the words of winemaker Ray Costanzo, the Granite Belt 2012 vintage was perfect. So much so, to recognise how superior it was to those previous, the Grand Vintage Reserve range of wines was born.

Taking a look at this, it is easy to see why it was a cut above. The fruit has developed some tremendous flavours and presents a wine of purity and sophistication.

Seductively smooth, this is bursting with cherries and raspberries. Berry basket characters bob up too after time in the glass. Oak is noticeable but certainly not dominant and compliments the fruit nicely. It just adds another veneer of flavour. The appealing thing for me though is the fruit's depth. There is a density to it whilst also being agile on its feet. The finish is elegant and soft.

Very good. Perhaps even just sneaking into excellent territory. Bravo!

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $45
Source: Sample

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