Thursday, 12 March 2015

David Franz Eden Edge Riesling Semillon 2014

A snap decision to grab some Thai saw me head to a local independent retailer to track down a bottle Riesling. The selection was impressive and the manager clearly knew his stuff. This only highlights the diversity that these independent stores bring to the retail landscape. Had I dropped into one of the supermarket run stores, it would have been a case of same old, same old with the addition of their own brands - yuck!

So this David Franz is a label I have heard much about but yet to wrap my lips around. Grabbing a bottle was a no brainer and I'm so pleased I was given the opportunity. A super impressive wine it is!

Straight up, the attractive packaging caught the eye. It's quite simply tissue paper wrapped around the bottle and held together by a little white sticker. Classy and different - I like (said in my best Borat voice).

And the wine? This just proves the bargain Riesling is in retail land, mind you, this has 25% Semillon thrown in for good measure.

Freshly cut green apple, lime cordial and lime pith aromas. There's a river stone minerality throughout and those aromas flow seamlessly to the palate delivering buckets of flavour.

A long and flavoursome finish wrapped up a superb wine. Cellaring is certainly an option here as it will easily sit for a decade. But I just loved the freshness, so there is no reason not to indulge right now.

Check out the website for a comprehensive list of stockists.


Region: Eden Valley
RRP: $19
Source: Retail
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