Thursday, 24 December 2015

Scarborough Wine Co. Blue Label Chardonnay 2014

Crazy tasty.

A warm night out for dinner on the Sunshine Coast had me yearning for a Chardy. I ordered this off the list and wrote these notes at the time:

Elegance and subtly describes this best. Lovely stone fruit fronted by peachy goodness and a lick of sourdough. Generous delivery. Gee I like this. Some delectable creamy depth has some seriously good hang time but it's well measured allowing the fruit to express itself. I ordered by the glass and I'm going to have to repeat that process - it hit a the spot and then some.

To find it is available for only RRP $21 is nothing but good news for Chardy fans watching their $$. Track it down and check it out I say.

Medium term cellaring.

Very good.

Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $21
Source: Wine list

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