Sunday, 28 February 2016

O'Leary Walker The Lucky Punter Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Some new release samples from O'Leary Walker turned up during the week, and whilst I have always liked the wines from these guys, I can't say the same for the new labels. Ewww. I'm just pleased I drink the wine not the labels. To me they look cheap and strike me as a supermarket homebrand type - and the duopoly have plenty of them as it is. I wouldn't buy it based on that and I'm sure many others would bypass them too. But then again, many would purchase them for that same reason I suspect. It's a relief that the contents measure up well though.

Passionfruit husk, green melon, pineapple, fresh snow peas. A little grassy but the freshness and crisp finish can't be questioned. There's a greenish edge to it too. Chill hard and enjoy poolside.


Region: Adelaide Hills
RRP: $18
Source: Sample

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