Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tellurian Wines Block 3 TLR Shiraz 2013

I recently caught up with Daniel Hopkins, GM of Tellurian Wines, when he was in town recently for Game of Rhones. Daniel was excited to show me his new release wines, and he had every reason to be I must admit. There's been some reshaping and rethinking going on at Tellurian, so much so that particular parcels that previously contributed to the flagship Tranter Shiraz have now been isolated to stand on their own two feet - the quality is there so why not.

After looking at the three top dogs, this Block 3 SR, Block 3 TLR and the Trantor, some words came out of my mouth which some producers don't want to hear - too cheap. For 39 bucks each, this is seriously good going.

Quite a different beast from its sibling down the hill, Block 3 SR, this Shiraz is drier and more concentrated. The deeper soils at the top of the hill contribute to a minerality which shines through. Pretty aromas with intense savoury appeal that cannot be denied. Darker fruits are prominent here too. Lots to like but given the choice I'm on the Block 3 SR train - oh to be picky :)

Only 50 cases made.

Will cellar long term.

Very good+

Region: Heathcote
RRP: $39
Source: Sample

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