Saturday, 17 October 2020

Unsung Hero Ansonica 2020


I love different and my eyes lit up when this appeared on my door step. This Ansonica was sourced from the Chalmers vineyard in Mildura, Victoria - those lovely folk are flag bearers for planting emerging varieties. It's the only vineyard in Australia producing this variety, although I'm most happy to be corrected.

Made by Hidden Creek winemaker Andy Williams, this falls under his Unsung Hero range of wines which are dedicated to emerging varieties. There's some exciting releases coming shortly too, so watch this space, or his...

Ansonica originated in Sicily and is a low yielding variety. It also goes under the name Inzolia. And that's your history lesson done.

As soon as something new comes out, one of the first questions I'm asked is to make a comparison to a variety which consumers may be more familiar with. For me, this is like a Fiano without the spice but with some of that Clare Valley Polish Hill River Riesling minerality if you know what I mean.

Aromas of canned pear juice and lemon zest open proceedings. A fresh wine with a delicate weight, there is some textural complexity and an ever so subtle almond nuttiness. Riverstone minerality keeps a low profile with a citrusy finish. Green apple peel is a bonus parting gift. This is a wine which is thoroughly enjoyable, well made and I'd certainly recommend it to those keen who on expanding their horizons.

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Region: Mildura
RRP: $35
Source: Sample

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  1. Update - Some good conversation about Ansonica/Inzolia on the socials. Apart from Chalmers, there are two additional sites growing the variety. Parish Hill in the Adelaide Hills and Dell'uva Wines in the Barossa. A couple of wineries also buy fruit from these vineyards to produce their own. Thanks to all who got in touch and shared this information.