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Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Ms Sans Cosmopolitan Mocktail

I recently penned an article on non-alcoholic drinks and I received some samples from Sydney's Sans Drinks. The online business is going gangbusters, so much so, they have taken the next step and opened Australia's first non-alcoholic bottle shop in the suburb of Freshwater. Carrying a range of self-named cocktail mixers, Ms Sans Cosmopolitan already comes pre-mixed with non-alcoholic vodka so just pour, shake, garnish and enjoy!

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

1920 Wines Alcohol Removed Pinot Grigio 2021


There is a first for everything, and after more than ten years of reviews, this Alcohol Removed Pinot Grigio is the first non-alcoholic wine to grace these pages. Bravo! With the non-alcoholic drinks market suggested to increase its market share by up to 30% by 2024, I suspect I may be posting a lot more of these drinks in the future.