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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Gundog Estate Hilltops No. 2 Shiraz 2022


From a cooler site than the No. 1 Shiraz, this walks with a sophisticated swagger despite rocking a street-style hoodie, you know the one. It's a treat to see the two Hilltop expressions from Gundog Estate side by side. There is a little more polish here yet it still presents with some rustic appeal.

Gundog Estate Hilltops No. 1 Shiraz 2022


From low-yielding vines in heavier soil, the density and weight are obvious when tasted beside its Hilltops No.2 stablemate. With a glossy appearance, this is a lovely medium-bodied Shiraz.

Gundog Estate Smoking Barrel Shiraz 2022


Such an approachable wine, it is no surprise that this Smoking Barrel is a popular choice in the Gundog Estate range. A 50/50 blend of Hunter Valley and Hilltops fruit, it's dense though it keeps its medium-bodied shape. 

Saturday 18 November 2023

Gundog Estate Rosé 2023


Canberra Cabernet and Hilltops Shiraz combine to deliver this respectable and very approachable Rosé from Gundog Estate. With a watermelon juice appearance, it's best described as a red apple and strawberry delight.

Friday 17 November 2023

Gundog Estate Flintlock Shiraz 2022


The best parcels of fruit from the Hilltops are kept aside to produce this Flintlock Shiraz. Made for the long term, this is a wine I'd like to see in a few years time.

Friday 10 November 2023

Stockman's Ridge Outlaw Chardonnay 2017


It's not often that Chardonnays are held back so it was good to see this 2017 from Stockman's Ridge for a change of pace.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Saturday 4 November 2023

Huntington Estate Nouveau 2023


A great slurp dripping with juicy factor that would even take a chill in warmer months. Winning!

Sunday 29 October 2023

Philip Shaw Wines Shiraz No 89 2022


Pass me a medium rare steak with a pepper crust and a glass of this Philip Shaw No 89 Shiraz - food and wine pairing job done!

Philip Shaw Wines Shiraz No 89 2019


Tasted alongside the current release 2022, these two wines are quite a contrast.

Philip Shaw Wines Cabernet Franc 2022


Another Cabernet Franc from Orange and another winner. So bright, fresh and vibrant with an attractive label, I just want in.

Philip Shaw Wines Pinot Noir No 8 2022


Pinot Noir from Philip Shaw Wines with an easygoing persona.

Philip Shaw Wines Sauvignon Blanc No19 2023


I was given the opportunity to taste this new release 2023 alongside a 2007. A fascinating contrast, the latter was still showing an impressive fresh and lively palate.

Philip Shaw Wines Chardonnay No 6 2022

A pre-release look at the Philip Shaw No. 6 Chardonnay. 

Philip Shaw Wines No 10 Sparkling NV

Yet to be released, this sample was pulled out from the riddling rack - luck me. Disgorged by yours truly, I didn't even make a mess of myself - winning!

Saturday 28 October 2023

Mayfield Vineyard Five Rows Rosé 2023


With a vision of bringing Provence to the brand, viticulturist and co-owner Charles Simons has achieved his goal with this Rosé. Summer barbecues are sorted with this in your glass, it's tasty gear indeed.

Mayfield Vineyard Backyard Riesling 2023


Winemaker Charles Simons has upped his game with the Sauvignon Blanc and this Riesling in 2023. Passionate about his work, his vision for the vineyard is exciting. This Riesling is made in the German style he tells me. It's smart gear.

Mayfield Vineyard Sophie's Godmother Sauvignon Blanc 2023


Hello to this super refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Mayfield Vineyard. Top buying for the money, it's a big step up from the 2022 release and will surely bring a horde of new fans with it.