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Tuesday 10 November 2020

Born and Raised The Super T 2017


A masterful blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot, this is an Aussie take on the Super Tuscan. It's a mighty impressive one at that.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Thursday 29 August 2019

Arundel Farm Estate Shiraz 2017

Arundel Farm was established in 1850, nestled in the hills of the Keilor Valley just outside Melbourne. The vineyard and winery rose up out of the ground in 1984. A pleasing Shiraz here with good fruit and well-balanced acid and oak.

Saturday 10 October 2015

Over the Way Pinot Noir 2014

I'm still looking for something from Sunbury to hit the spot and despite this putting up a brave show, it's not it.

There's a warmth to the wine which I just can't shake. Sure there's dark cherries, plum compote and undergrowth, but there's a firmness about the mid-palate which leads to a warming character. Said to be better with age, it did open up a little more aromatically on the second day of tasting and seemed a little lighter in the mouth, but the finish was much the same. I could feel the acid bite on my teeth too.

I'd prefer others.

Region: Sunbury
RRP: $18
Source: Sample

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Friday 25 September 2015

Over the Way Chenin Blanc 2014

This is a project wine of fellow wine writer and blogger Patrick Eckel. He makes a range of wines including Lagrein from Heathcote, Shiraz from the Grampians and a Pinot Noir also from Sunbury. Chardonnay and a Blanc de Blanc are also in the pipeline. He recently moved to Macedon to get even more serious about the winemaking side of things.

A single vineyard wine from Sunbury's Longview Creek, this is whole bunch pressed and wild yeast fermented in barrel spending nine months on lees. 1500L produced.

It has more texture than any Chenin Blanc that has passed these lips. Some baked and oxidised apple first up but there's a creaminess from the time on skins. And to be honest, it does taste a little 'skinsy'. There's a tangy acid too. The longer it sits in the glass a clover like savoury thing lobs up. Spiced apple pie perhaps.

In all, a good wine and one which needs some chicken or a creamy dish to ride it home.


Region: Sunbury
RRP: $18
Source: Sample

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Monday 14 July 2014

Witchmount Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Tasted blind in a line up of five Cabernets from 2012, this ranked fifth and was the most expensive by nine bucks.

Lacking some fruit depth, the wine wasn't as balanced as I'd like. The acid leapt out at me here, and although not too high, there was enough to get my attention. The mid palate was certainly missing in action.

Juicy yet supple tannins and a good length, it just seemed to go through the motions without much spark.

Not thirty-eight dollars worth for me.

Region: Sunbury
RRP: $38

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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Witchmount Barbera 2012

What a difference a day makes. After a quick swirl and a sip I was ready to tip this down the sink. There was a graphite and metallic type aroma which just didn't sit right.

A day on and we were back on the dance floor. All the expected characteristics of Barbera present themselves well. Dark plums, some sour cherry and savoury herbs on a nicely built palate. Good acid adds to a tremendous length.

To navigate this wine successfully I'd suggest to decant it for a few hours.

Overall, I was very happy it now day one of it being open is a distant memory. Hello pizza and pasta!

Region: Sunbury, Victoria
RRP: $38

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Witchmount Pinot Gris 2013

This is a good little wine, the only thing scaring me a little was the price. Certainly tasty and the winemakers have achieved their goal by delivering a French style Pinot Gris, but I'm not too sure I'd dig around my pocket for the asking price.

Honey puffs, poached pears. Plenty of flavoursome goodness tossing up a long and crisp finish. Good textural appeal and some spice synonymous with the variety.

A good wine.

Region: Sunbury, Victoria
RRP: $30

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Monday 16 June 2014

Witchmount Lowen Park Shiraz 2012

Some good aspects to this wine but I did find it hard to warm to.
Damp earth - the sodden garden type and dark cherry. Dried herbs hover, specifically oregano, being the highlight.

There's some blueberry fruit but it just seems flat and lifeless moving to a thin and drying finish.

Not much to get excited about here.

Who: Witchmount Estate
What: Shiraz (12.5% alc)
Where: Sunbury, Victoria
When: 2012
How much: $22

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Saturday 7 June 2014

Witchmount Estate Olivia's Paddock Chardonnay 2012

From the Sunbury region in Victoria which is only half an hour's drive from Melbourne's CBD, this Chardonnay was a very pleasant surprise.

Having partially gone through malo, the wine was 100% fermented in new French oak. The oak has done its thing nicely. Golden straw in appearance, creamy and buttery on the nose, these characters flow seamlessly on to a palate which throws up some grapefruit too.

Some delicious primary fruit and a length which goes on and on.

A most enjoyable wine and one which is easy to sip at. I'd happily buy it, that's for sure.

Who: Witchmount Estate
What: Chardonnay (13.8% alc)
Where: Sunbury, Victoria
When: 2012
How much: $32

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