Thursday, 1 September 2011

Woodstock Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Woodstock is a winery that holds some great memories, specifically those from an epic adventure to South Australia in 2003. In our journey through McLaren Vale, we dropped in and had lunch with wine maker Scott Collett. Lunch at the winery was spectacular. We sat outside the Coterie on those lovely bench tables sharing some excellent food, and of course, wine!!! The highlight was when Scott produced the flagship wine - The Stocks Shiraz. That day it was a knock out and still proves to be.

Needless to say, since that great day, Woodstock has always been a favourite. You can tell a lot about a winery by the quality of their portfolio. These guys are a great example of that theory. Their range of wines has always been first class and this Cabernet slips in nicely.

McLaren Vale is synonymous with Shiraz, and with this in mind as well as Cabernet Day here before me, I felt it would be apt to have a look at something a little left of centre.

The wine is seasoned in American oak for 22 months (8% new) and the sweetness from the oak is present, but sits behind the fruit well. The colour is deep with a brighter hue. Not surprisingly, one of the first characteristics on the nose I picked up was some eucalypt, spice and hint of cedar. Plenty of dark fruits and cherries on a medium palate (13.7% abv). It took about 90 minutes in the decanter for the wine to sort itself out but the result was great. Impressive and rounded mouth feel with some delicate tannins. Slightly dry finish, but hey, that was easily fixed with another sip.
You can grab this for around $22 rrp which is acceptable.

All in all, an enjoyable Cabernet Day experience for 2011!