Monday 30 October 2023

Castle Rock Estate A and W Riesling 2023


The four Castle Rock Estate Riesling releases are all different beasts. If you like your Riesling with a bit more drive and intensity, this one is for you.

Castle Rock Estate Diletti Riesling 2022


An excellent Riesling from Castle Rock Estate, it sees barrel fermentation and lees contact to build veneers of interest. There's some depth too, yet it maintains its vibrant persona. Yes!

Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Riesling 2023


This is great! The focus, the tension, it's a very tidy Riesling from Castle Rock Estate.

Castle Rock Estate Skywalk Riesling 2023


Not as expressive as years gone by, but it's still a very good Riesling.

Brand and Sons Glenroy Shiraz 2021


A pre-release sample, this 2021 is dense but polished. A Coonawarra Shiraz with a classy shape and splendid detail, it will live long.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Philip Shaw Wines Shiraz No 89 2022


Pass me a medium rare steak with a pepper crust and a glass of this Philip Shaw No 89 Shiraz - food and wine pairing job done!

Philip Shaw Wines Shiraz No 89 2019


Tasted alongside the current release 2022, these two wines are quite a contrast.

Philip Shaw Wines Cabernet Franc 2022


Another Cabernet Franc from Orange and another winner. So bright, fresh and vibrant with an attractive label, I just want in.

Philip Shaw Wines Pinot Noir No 8 2022


Pinot Noir from Philip Shaw Wines with an easygoing persona.

Philip Shaw Wines Sauvignon Blanc No19 2023


I was given the opportunity to taste this new release 2023 alongside a 2007. A fascinating contrast, the latter was still showing an impressive fresh and lively palate.

Philip Shaw Wines Chardonnay No 6 2022

A pre-release look at the Philip Shaw No. 6 Chardonnay. 

Philip Shaw Wines No 10 Sparkling NV

Yet to be released, this sample was pulled out from the riddling rack - luck me. Disgorged by yours truly, I didn't even make a mess of myself - winning!

Saturday 28 October 2023

Mayfield Vineyard Five Rows Rosé 2023


With a vision of bringing Provence to the brand, viticulturist and co-owner Charles Simons has achieved his goal with this Rosé. Summer barbecues are sorted with this in your glass, it's tasty gear indeed.

Mayfield Vineyard Backyard Riesling 2023


Winemaker Charles Simons has upped his game with the Sauvignon Blanc and this Riesling in 2023. Passionate about his work, his vision for the vineyard is exciting. This Riesling is made in the German style he tells me. It's smart gear.

Mayfield Vineyard Sophie's Godmother Sauvignon Blanc 2023


Hello to this super refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Mayfield Vineyard. Top buying for the money, it's a big step up from the 2022 release and will surely bring a horde of new fans with it. 

Friday 27 October 2023

Amour Wines Pinot Noir 2021


Wonderfully perfumed and layered, this is a gorgeous Pinot Noir from Amour Wines. Derived from the French word L'Amour meaning love, these wines are patient, elegant and generous.

Amour Wines White Label Shiraz 2021


The White Label wines from Amour are the best of the best produced and this Shiraz is a very impressive number. Black fruits sit in the driver's seat and take you all the way to the pleasuredome.

Amour Wines Black Label Shiraz 2021


Winemaker Matt Eades is a cool dude. An opening batter back in the day, he used to play A Grade cricket in Sydney facing the likes of Brett Lee. No doubt he'd often be on the front foot to navigate that freight train, this Black Label Shiraz is front palate focused too.

Amour Wines Chardonnay 2021


Killer Chardonnay from Matt Eades and his awesome little Amour winery. Creamy, nutty, the well handled drive lands the winning blow. I'd be more than happy to not share this with anyone.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Matthew Atallah Wines Block 1 Cabernet Franc 2021


Named 'The Socialist Red', this Cabernet Franc was the result of many hands pitching in to help winemaker Matthew Atallah during vintage when he tore a muscle in his shoulder days prior to the heavy lifting. How good is it when the community rallies around their mates!

Matthew Atallah Wines Block 7 Syrah 2021


Nicknamed 'The Bald Man's Shed', this Syrah comes from a difficult vintage for winemaker Matthew Atallah - he tore a muscle in his shoulder days before it started. Cousin Nick came to the rescue to help out, both lacking hair up top, hence the name. This Syrah is in a good place and will improve with time.

Matthew Atallah Wines A2 Chardonnay 2019


This current release Chardonnay from Matthew Atallah is excellent. Those who enjoy rich styles are in for a treat.

Matthew Atallah Wines Block 1 Cabernet Franc Rosé 2022


A pretty and crunchy thing, this is a very tasty Rosé from Matthew Atallah. A small operator who sources fruit from various vineyards, this Cabernet Franc comes from Canowindra just down the hill from Orange.

Matthew Atallah Wines A2 Chardonnay 2018


Tasted at one of the highest vineyards in Orange, the vista and the company made the occasion memorable. This is Matthew Atallah's second Chardonnay release since he went solo in 2016.

Matthew Atallah Wines A2 Chardonnay 2017


Matthew Atallah - what a guy! I really enjoyed his company when we met in Orange recently. So passionate and with a horde of hilarious stories to share, he has a clever bunch of wines under his arm since branching out on his own in 2016. This 2017 Chardonnay goes right back to the beginning. Big love for this wine.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Lyons Will Estate Negociant Series Syrah 2022


Another ripper from Lyons Will. The Granite soils speak loud as does the cool climate medium-bodied frame. Give this a decant and a silky and lacy Syrah will emerge.

Lyons Will Estate Riesling 2023


A sheer delight! What a beauty! From the Macedon Ranges comes this super expression of Riesling. Jump on board with Lyons Will - they're not doing much wrong.

Varney Wines Mencia 2023


A gobful of juicy fruit, this Mencia from Varney Wines just splatters red fruit through the mouth.

Varney Wines Limited Release Syrah 2021


When you find producers like Varney Wines, they are worth clinging to. Across the portfolio with a diverse range varieties available, all wines sing with high praise. This Syrah is an impressive release and one worth adding to your 'to-try' list.

Varney Wines Limited Release Nebbiolo 2020


This Nebbiolo from Varney Wines is an absolute beauty! Saturated with fruit, there is density yet it possesses a blissful weightlessness.

Rikard Black Label Pinot Noir 2021


The Black Label represents Rikard's best parcels. A riper pick, this Pinot Noir sees more new oak compared to the White Label Pinot in the range.

Rikard Shiraz 2022


Tight! Give this Shiraz a couple more years in bottle and it should be singing.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Rikard Pinot Noir 2021


Picked a little earlier, this Rikard Pinot Noir is a cuddle in a glass.

Rikard Black Label Chardonnay 2021


Another awesome Chardonnay off the Orange production line. This Rikard Black Label 2021 is dripping in interest and class. I want it all.

Rikard Chardonnay 2022


A fabulous Chardonnay from Rikard, this tasting could have easily turned into a few glasses on the lounge. If only it wasn't 9am at the time... Sigh. Check this beauty out.

Monday 23 October 2023

Rikard Black Label Riesling 2022


Will Rikard-Bell hangs his hat on Riesling. With a knack for building texture, he has delivered a superb wine based on German and Austrian styles.

Rikard Riesling 2022


Classy Riesling. Bone dry, it's a very tasty drink calling out for some time in the pool or by the beach.

Rikard Blanc de Blanc 2017


I didn't see a lot of fizz when in Orange but this Blanc de Blanc was very clever and not a bad breakfast wine for my 9am tasting! But my gosh, the complexity will wrap you up and not let go. Yum!

Hoosegg Double Happy Cabernet 2018


A glorious Cabernet from Hoosegg. Generous but measured, there is so much to consider. Brilliant!

Hoosegg Jade Moon Cabernet Franc 2018


What a pretty wine this is! An absolutely divine Cabernet Franc from the hands of Philip Shaw.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Hoosegg Seven Heaven Chardonnay 2018


This Hoosegg Seven Heaven Chardonnay was the most compelling and thought-provoking wine I tasted in Orange. The handling and attention to detail are off the chain. A Chardonnay that sees 100% new French oak for 16 months, but have a taste and you'd be none the wiser. Just wow!

Hoosegg Magic Monkey Shiraz 2018


An age-worthy Shiraz, this Hoosegg Monkey Magic from Philip Shaw is another example of an excellent fusion of fruit and oak.

Hoosegg Self Made Man 2017


A blend of Cabernet, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, lighter pressings have been brought together to produce a wine with fabulous aromatics.

Hoosegg Mountain Dragon Merlot 2018


Merlot to hit you for six! The class of Philip Shaw shining through here.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Hoosegg Everything Is Going To Plan Chardonnay 2019


My last stop on Day 2 of my Orange adventure and I landed at Hoosegg. Cool wines, ripping labels, the attention to detail across the range is immense. This Chardonnay is rich and complex.

Dalrymple Single Vineyard Ouse Pinot Noir 2021


My first look at Ouse and I've been swept off my feet. Pronounced "ooze", it oozes class through every pore. There is a mystique about its fine lines and lacey appeal that I just want to bathe in.

Dalrymple Single Vineyard Pipers River Pinot Noir 2021


Sleek! What a delightful Pinot Noir! Big love for the focus. The game face is on and it brings some tension too. Slinky. Delicious. Yes!

Dalrymple Single Vineyard Swansea Pinot Noir 2021


The Dalrymple Single Site Swansea Pinot Noir is a newbie for me and I like what I see. Part of the Single Site range, the poise and drive are what I'm here for.

Dalrymple Single Vineyard Coal River Pinot Noir 2021


Dense and with more weight than others in the Dalrymple Single Site range, there is a concentration and focus to this Coal River Pinot Noir.

Angullong Crossing Reserve Chardonnay 2022


The supply line of great Chardonnay from Orange seems never-ending. This Angullong Crossing Reserve is another beauty worth adding to your list to check out.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Angullong Crossing Reserve Shiraz 2022


Top tier Angullong. This is a smart wine. Measured depth and intensity are all the rage with this medium-bodied delight. The drive is captivating - it's just delicious.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Angullong Fossil Hill Shiraz 2022


Exhibit A on what a ripping cool climate Shiraz looks like. Gee, this is a fab drink. Bright with an energetic lift, large pours come easy.