Friday, 29 July 2022

Dappled Appellation Pinot Noir 2021


Boom! A serious contender for the best value wine of the year. I could neck the contents in quick time. Such a considered, delightful and damn impressive Pinot Noir from the Upper Yarra Valley. That thing about run don't walk - yes!

Balgownie Estate Pinot Noir 2021


I know a number of people who enjoy snuggling up to a glass of Pinot on the lounge in the cooler months. This release from Balgownie Estate is one I'd happily recommend for you to latch onto.

Tim Smith Bugalugs White 2022


Becoming a grandfather has certainly softened Tim Smith. He only used to make a Riesling and Viognier. Now he's blending white and making a Rosé. Who is this guy?

Drink this though. It's good. Very good! I feel all levels of Parisian drinking it. Classy and then some. 

Oliver's Taranga Vermentino 2022


From one of the best Vermentino producers in Australia, this Oliver's Taranga 2022 is screaming for those long lunches with friends that make your cheeks sore from too much laughing. Happiness and extreme refreshment in a bottle - get better.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Mount Pleasant Old Paddock and Old Hill Shiraz 2021


Awash with juicy raspberries, blueberries and red cherries, this is a joyous red that oozes charisma and class. 

Balgownie Estate Nouveau Syrah 2021


A happy thing this is as it skips along. A summer time red you could say. It's a reliable partner for that snag on bread or burger in the park with friends.

Mount Pleasant Old Hill Pinot Noir 2021


Mount Pleasant = the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Australia. Another great piece of historic trivia from Australia's oldest continuous wine producing region, the Hunter Valley. This is an excellent drink. I can't fault it. More please!

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Mount Pleasant Mountain D Shiraz 2021


Measured power from the Mountain D. The name has me thinking of a wrestler. Bring back the likes of the Big Boss Man and Andre The Giant. Here we have a big Hunter Valley Shiraz that still shows nimble feet and smooth lines. 

Note: this is not the correct bottle shot but you get the idea.

Angullong Crossing Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2018


A brand new label for Angullong and it's an impressive entry, that's for sure. There is a prestige about the labelling, too, with an embossed crest - I like it. An excellent cool climate Cabernet for your drinking pleasure.

Hutton Vale Farm Shiraz 2018


A little Hutton Vale Farm history if you don't mind... The original Shiraz cuttings were planted in the 60s and were sourced from Henschke's Mount Edelstone vineyard - handy pedigree that. There's polish here. A silky wine that moves with ease.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Montalto Estate Chardonnay 2021


The 2021 Estate Chardonnay release is concentrated and generous. One of those sip slow wines, there is plenty to ponder. Friday after a long week or Sunday afternoons are best to whisk you away. 

Balgownie Estate Bendigo Shiraz 2019


A glorious Shiraz that slides down with ease. A wine etched with detail, sit back and get comfortable.

De Iuliis Aged Release Semillon 2017


Aged Semillon is a beautiful thing. It was great to see the 2016 and 2017 aged releases from De Iuliis side by side. I preferred this 2017 to the 2016.

Oliver's Taranga Chica Mencia Rosé 2022


Picked on Valentine's Day. Maybe that's why the colour is deeper than usual? Mencia Rosé from McLaren with a little more body than previous too.

Friday, 22 July 2022

Comyns and Co Shiraz 2021


Absolutely bristling with pretty factor, attractive aromas hook you in from the outset. Give this Comyns & Co Shiraz more time in the glass and it sets off on a glorious course to pleasure country.

Huntington Estate Shiraz 2018


These Huntington Estate wines are great for the money. They will age well too. This Shiraz is that cool night comfort many yearn for this time of year.

Huntington Estate Special Reserve Merlot 2018


A good drink for those that aren't chasing anything too complex nor obtrusive. A ho-hum red of sorts.

De Bortoli Re-Write The Rules Tempranillo 2021


Tempranillo from the 'Victoria' region. Roll the dice and see what you get one can assume. An approachable red to sit beside your takeaway meal.

De Bortoli Re-Write The Rules Pinot Noir 2021


A new label from De Bortoli. A Victorian Pinot Noir but the detail on the label is scant. But it is said to be 'fragrant, fun soulful and vibrant'.

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Yalumba Barossa Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


Rustic in style, this is that roughly shaven tradie that goes about its work reliably without any fuss. 

Usher Tinkler White 2022


Clean and fresh, this is an easy-going white that slots right into the "crowd pleaser" category.

Mountadam Five Fifty Shiraz 2019


This is a fair function style red. Nothing flash, just an easy drinking Shiraz. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Briar Ridge Big Bully Cabernet Sauvignon 2020


The Big Bully. What was once a member exclusive is now a wine available to all. And for Cabernet lovers, get in the queue. This is a beauty.

Soumah Hexham Vineyard Syrah 2021


Another Soumah across the tasting bench and another great wine. The consistency across the range is impressive and each price point is covered in style. Soft with sophistication, this is a delicious Yarra Valley Syrah.

Montalto Estate Syrah 2021


With no 2020 release, it seems this wine has had a facelift. No more Shiraz by name but now a Syrah. It's a good drink but it's not as elegant as you may expect with the Syrah style.

Sunday, 17 July 2022

Usher Tinkler Red Shiraz Pinot 2022


This is a bucket load of joy with dancy feet. Bright, juicy, dancy - can we leave the review at that? Gobfuls of pleasure awaits.

Moorilla Extra Brut 2017


Muse is 'the subtle and complex' so the label says. And this exemplifies that. A fabulous glass of fizz from Tasmania's Moorilla, I'd happily recommend this ahead of those imported Frenchies at the same price point.

Snake and Herring Tough Love Chardonnay 2021


An easy drinking Chardonnay tasted off a function wine list. Not complicated, it does the job.

Totara Pinot Noir 2018

Pinot Noir from Marlborough. Nothing overly interesting, but just a good, simple drink.

Friday, 15 July 2022

Comyns and Co Reserve Shiraz Pinot Noir 2019


What a ripper this is! Bright and dancy with some crunch. Fill that glass up and just embrace this beauty from Comyns and Co.

Mount Pleasant 1921 Vines Old Paddock Shiraz 2021


Quite a different wine to its 1880 Vines Old Hill sibling, there is more intensity and depth with this 1921 Vines Old Paddock Shiraz.

Yalumba Barossa Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2018

What a tidy drink this is. Nicely weighted with loads of personality. Need an anytime wine? Here is your perfect partner.

Huntington Estate Bin No13 Shiraz 2017


This batch of Shiraz didn't fit the reserve range so it was kept on its own - smart move. Seeing 15% new oak for 18  months, it's a little bit different. But good different as some may say - it's like a Cherry Ripe in a glass.

Indigo Beechworth Sangiovese 2021


A great match for any meal, this Indigo Sangiovese is so appealing.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Mount Pleasant Rosehill Shiraz 2021


Sexy and lacy, the brilliance of Mount Pleasant is delivered on a platter with the excellent Rosehill 2021 release.

Usher Tinkler Reserve Chardonnay 2021


One of my go-to Hunter Valley Chardonnays, there is a lot to like about this Usher Tinkler Reserve Chardonnay. A big bottle, the wax seal, it all oozes class. I must admit I love the label too. 

Soumah Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Syrah 2021


The rebirth of the Hunter River Burgundy blend from a new generation of winemakers is great to see. The Yarra Valley continues to be a district really taking a liking to this style given a large number of Hunter alumni now plying their trade in the region. Soumah have jumped in on the action now too although with no connection to the Hunter. This is a ripper. 

Barringwood Mill Block Pinot Noir 2020

If you like your Pinots big, consider this release from Tasmania's Barringwood. Big and bullish, it is all dense fruit with a whack of oak. 

Comyns and Co Shiraz Pinot Noir 2021


Prosciutto di Parma pizza here we come. A clever Shiraz and Pinot Noir blend from Comyns and Co.

Woodstock Old Fortified Tawny Style NV


Winter is fortified season. As part of a new tasting experience at the Woodstock cellar door, three fortifieds and a Botrytis have been matched with Haigh's Chocolates. A dark chocolate almond cluster is the weapon of choice with this Old Fortified Tawny Style.

Friday, 8 July 2022

Mount Pleasant 1880 Vines Old Hill Shiraz 2021


What a privilege this is to see in its youth. Give this the time to emerge from its chrysalis to witness a beautiful, medium-bodied Hunter Valley delight shine in all its glory.

Hugh Hamilton The Oddball Saperavi 2019


Gee, I love this variety. I find Saperavi so intriguing and exciting all at the same time. Pioneered in Australia by Hugh Hamilton, they already have some 12 vintages under their belt working with this Georgian originated beauty.

Comyns and Co Reserve Chardonnay 2021


Much like its maker, this Chardonnay is softly spoken but well considered. A delightful Hunter Valley expression awaits. 

Woodstock Muscat NV


Dangerously smooth, I received this Muscat from Woodstock as part of their celebration of International Chocolate Day. Three fortifieds and a Botrytis have been matched with Haigh's Chocolates for a very different cellar door tasting.

Woodstock Vintage Fortified Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


As part of a new tasting experience at the Woodstock cellar door, three fortifieds and a Botrytis have been matched with Haigh's Chocolates. You had me at chocolate!

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Crittenden Estate The Zumma Pinot Noir 2020


A clever Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir, this makes a formidable pairing alongside The Zumma Chardonnay.

Juniper Estate Three Fields Shiraz 2019


Firm and really focused on the mid-palate, cook something over the coals, even splash it in a glass beside some spag bol and you're set.

Driftwood Artifacts Meritage 2020


Gee this is a great red blend. Head this way for expressive pleasure.

Huntington Estate Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


These latest releases from Huntington Estate have to be consistently the best I've seen across the range for a number of years. Bravo! The top end reds are in some serious form. This Cabernet is a treat and will reward further cellaring but there is no reason why you can't rip in now.

Driftwood Artifacts Chardonnay 2021


Peachy with lemons in hot pursuit, this is an easy-drinking and moreish Chardonnay from Margaret River.