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Angullong Crossing Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2018


A brand new label for Angullong and it's an impressive entry, that's for sure. There is a prestige about the labelling, too, with an embossed crest - I like it. An excellent cool climate Cabernet for your drinking pleasure.

Firm to begin, charred oak, charcoal and black olives all get my attention early - a very savoury start. Blackberries and blackberry paste build the courage to make some noise. Some fruit sweetness comes with it but those fruits and berries gradually rise up building a delightful momentum. Some meatiness and roasted peppers slide in with a cool mintiness. Persistent, drying and mouth sapping, it softens immeasurably over a couple of days. Dainty spices close things out. Give it a sleep for a couple of years and reap the reward. 

Drink to ten years.


Region: Orange
RRP: $48
Source: Sample

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