September 2023 - QWine Reviews

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Skimstone Wines Sangiovese 2021

Sangiovese done well is a classic pizza night wine and that is precisely what I thought when I put this to my lips. The wines in the Skimsto...
September 27, 2023

Skimstone Wines Rosé 2023

  Brand new in the bottle, I was fortunate to be the first to check this out with winemaker Jean Francois prior to its release. Winning! Thi...
September 27, 2023

Skimstone Wines Chardonnay 2021

  The cellar door at Skimstone Wines provides a beautiful vista and laid-back experience. This Chardonnay is a fabulous wine worth tracking ...
September 27, 2023

First Ridge Wines Barbera 2021

  This Barbera from First Ridge Wines is said to be their signature wine. Not too many Australian wineries hang their hat on Barbera, but is...
September 26, 2023

First Ridge Wines Marco 2021

  Marco is a 50/50 blend of Barbera and Sangiovese. This 2021 is the first release of the wine and it looks as though First Ridge might be o...
September 26, 2023

First Ridge Wines Sangiovese 2021

  The thing that strikes me about these First Ridge Wines is the consistency across the range. Well made with interest, they are reasonably ...
September 26, 2023

First Ridge Wines Rosé 2021

  This Rosé from First Ridge Wines calls for casual catch-ups, even a bag of sea salt chips as you watch the sun fall from the sky at day...
September 26, 2023

First Ridge Wines Fiano 2022

  A very well-made Fiano from Mudgee's First Ridge Wines. It's layered with detail yet there is crowd pleasing appeal due to its eas...
September 26, 2023

First Ridge Wines Vermentino 2022

  Formerly Mudgee Ridge, the name changed to First Ridge Wines in 2014. With a focus on Italian varieties, the cellar door is a must-do when...
September 26, 2023

Rosby Wines Chardonnay 2023

  A cellar door with a glorious aspect to catch the sunset, this Chardonnay is a tasty wine to enjoy while absorbing the numerous sculptures...
September 26, 2023

Rosby Wines Riesling 2022

  Rosby Wines is a beautiful cellar door perched 590m above and tucked away in Mudgee's hills. Some suggest it is one of the best vineya...
September 26, 2023

Rosby Wines Rosé 2023

  This Rosby Wines Rosé is made with Shiraz. Personally, Shiraz is not my preferred grape to be used for this style of wine and it proves th...
September 26, 2023

Heslop Wines Estate Shiraz 2019

  All the Mudgee Shiraz I tasted during my recent exploration of the region was very consistent. Cudos to the region and the winemakers. Thi...
September 25, 2023

LMB Wines Shiraz 2019

  This is all things Mudgee Shiraz. Voluptuous tannins and generous dark fruit are lined up for the taking. A wine of even flow, there is a ...
September 24, 2023

LMB Wines Riesling 2022

  Lisa Bray is a winemaker to seek out. These LMB Wines are a side project to her main role at a larger Mudgee producer. With some serious r...
September 24, 2023

LMB Wines Rosé 2023

 A brand new Rosé from Lisa Bray. It's so new there is no bottle pic. If a savoury Rosé is your go, burst out of the blocks for this bea...
September 24, 2023

blü hen Montepulciano 2022

So, SO impressive! I tasted a few Montepulciano releases on my recent trip to Mudgee and this 2022 from Robert Stein was way in front. What ...
September 23, 2023

Robert Stein Dry Riesling 2023

Fresh as a daisy, this brand new 2023 Riesling was tasted at the cellar door with winemaker Jacob Stein. It's so new it hasn't made ...
September 23, 2023

Slow Fox Wines Chardonnay 2021

  2021 was also a wet and cold year in Mudgee but this Chardonnay bounds along with greater energy and presence than its 2022 sibling. 
September 21, 2023

Hutton Vale Farm Shiraz 2019

  Curvacious, I'm a big fan of the shape of this wine. Not shy on generosity, hold this for a few more years to see it at its best.
September 19, 2023

Gundog Estate Wild Semillon 2023

  For an off-dry Semillon, this hits the mark. The texture from skins is evident and the delish factor is high. A smart wine from Gundog Est...
September 19, 2023

Chapel Hill MV Shiraz 2022

  I like this. A great representation of McLaren Vale Shiraz, this Chapel Hill MV develops impressively in the glass.
September 16, 2023

Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache 2021

  Ever reliable, this is a great Grenache to wrap your lips around. A glass of medium-bodied delish, some of the fruit comes from 100+ year ...
September 14, 2023

Dalrymple Pinot Meunier 2022

  Something new and fabulous from Dalrymple... This debut Pinot Meunier is delicious and all I can say is just keep pouring. Millennials lov...
September 14, 2023