Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Limefinger Solace Polish Hill River Riesling 2022


Neil Pike has been making Riesling from this vineyard for over 30 years. Planted in 1994, the vineyard surrounds his home. The joyous presence and focused tension of Polish Hill River is shining here in all its magnificent glory. The best new release Riesling I have tasted? Absolutely!

Mount Langhi Ghiran Cliff Edge Cabernet Merlot 2020


Silky happiness in a glass courtesy of Mount Langhi Ghiran's Cliff Edge Cabernet Merlot. From a challenging year with small yields, you'll be happy with the quality in the glass.

Limefinger The Learnings Watervale Riesling 2022


Neil Pike says that after 40+ years of making Watervale Riesling, you learn a thing or two, hence the name The Learnings. Limefinger is his retirement project, and if you love Riesling you ought to race to the front of the queue. This is exceptional.

Whistler Estate Shiraz Cabernet 2021


I find wines like this fascinating. Sure they'll live long, but the vibrancy and slurp factor now urge me to dive in with pike. Have one now and save one for later (much later) and you'll know what I mean. The fruit is just bristling at the moment. It's on the dance floor cutting moves and dragging everyone in - you can't help but want more. 

Angullong Fossil Hill Sangiovese 2021


Classic pizza and pasta wine here. A reliable Sangiovese as ever from Angullong.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Mount Langhi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz 2020


I dig this. Cool climate Shiraz hitting the high hats. It's unashamedly generous and layered with interest yet slides down with ease. Winning!

Whistler Shiver Shiraz 2021


I'm sure Ed Sheeran's song Shivers is all about this Shiraz. "I took an arrow to the heart; I never kissed a mouth that tastes like yours; Strawberries and somethin' more; Ooh yeah, I want it all…"

Supreme moreishness makes you scream that last bit, "Yeah I want it all."

Usher Tinkler 9th Fable Shiraz 2022

Red plums and red cherries drive this medium-bodied Hunter Valley Shiraz. These 9th Fable wines from Usher Tinkler are part of his export range headed to Colorado, USA.

Nightfall Lupus Merlot 2019

Coonawarra Merlot courtesy of the upmarket brand Nightfall Wines. This is good gear and adds a little light to a variety that can often be shrouded in grey.

Mount Langhi Ghiran Blanc de Blanc 2017


Grampians Blanc de Blanc. It's light on the fizz, the first thing that caught my eye. A little more energy and spark would have been good. The cork was awfully pedestrian in its exit and needed some persuasion only to be missing a 'pop' of any sort. It could be bottle variation?

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Usher Tinkler 9th Fable Chardonnay 2021


Everyone loves a fable and a fairy tale, and those that love a Chardonnay with a little richness will be in their happy place here. These 9th Fable wines from Usher Tinkler are part of his export range and are headed to Colorado, USA, and aren't they in for a treat!

Usher Tinkler 9th Fable Semillon 2022


As per the label, "Semillon, the Lone Wolf, a somewhat misunderstood creature, is spirited and luminous at heart." These 9th Fable wines are part of Usher Tinkler's export wines heading to Colorado, USA. Quality seeps through its pores.

Parched Crow Semillon 2017


Good gear this. A six year old Semillon from a relative newbie on the Hunter scene - The Parched Crow. It shows a gradual development with a few years left under its wings.

Oxford Landing Stargazing Juicy Red 2022


Summer red wine drinking. That's what this is. Part of the new Oxford Landing range, it's a joyous red that will take a chill. And I reckon it drinks way better with a chill too. Perfect for those warmer days if you feel like something with a little more body than what a white wine can offer.

Parched Crow Shiraz 2021


I was expecting a little more from this 2021 given the Shiraz from 2017 was in fine form. After a few tough years perhaps things would have normalised I would have thought, but not entirely.

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Hayes Family Wines Marcus Shiraz 2021


Brett Hayes threw this pre-release sample at me recently. The bottle was clean and without a label. With a few choice words it was suggested I work out what it was. I did well you'd be pleased to know - Barossa Shiraz 2021 which was confirmed to be correct. Winning! The other thing that was confirmed was how brilliant this wine is.

Whistler Double Back Grenache 2022


Juicy! This is a great example of why Grenache is so great. Load me up. 

Mount Langhi Ghiran Billi Billi Rosé 2022


Crisp red apple acidity with a long feathering of spice sums up this Grampians Rosé best.

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project 2021


Six wines, six different expressions of the same vineyard with the fruit picked at the same time. How's that for an exciting comparison of style and winemaker influence?

If you love Grenache, you'll be thrilled to explore what these six winemakers bring to the table. If you love wine, this is one incredibly unique project that delves into the prospect of the same fruit being handled differently to demonstrate what thoughtful and considered winemaking can deliver. In short, each winemaker was given one tonne of Grenache from the Rozenweig Vineyard to produce their own interpretation. 

To do this project justice, you need to taste all six wines side by side rather than individually - follow through and you'll reap the reward. What a great excuse to get some friends around a table to absorb, dissect and discuss the differences each wine delivers. Bravo to Artisans of Barossa for creating a platform (one which has been ongoing for a number of years now) for such adventure and creativity all for the love of wine.

Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Riesling 2022


Led by gorgeous floral aromas, this minerally driven Grampians Riesling hones in on the refreshment zone that only a chilled Riesling can deliver.

Parched Crow Chardonnay 2022

This is the type of Chardonnay you'd get the Chardy haters to spend some time with to commence their journey with this superb variety. Admittedly, there is not a lot going on aromatically but it gets to work in the mouth. 

Mount Langhi Ghiran Billi Billi Pinot Gris 2022


An easy-going, no-fuss Grampians Pinot Gris for your drinking pleasure.

Oxford Landing Sun Chaser Pinot Grigio 2022


An inexpensive glass of fun. A well-made Pinot Grigio from the Riverland via Oxford Landing's new range.

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

The Parched Crow Shiraz 2017


Dense and concentrated, this Shiraz from the Hunter Valley's Parched Crow walks through the door with arms wide open ready to give an embrace.

Nightfall Libra The Balance Dry Red 2019


Is The Balance a nice way of saying the dregs? We will never know. What I can tell you is that this Cabernet/Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend stacks up and holds its own very well.

The Parched Crow Limited Release Shiraz 2020


From a challenging year, this is a respectable wine. It's a different label to the previous Shiraz releases from The Parched Crow given that the volume was down significantly in 2020 making this 'limited'.

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Lambert Wines Nebbiolo 2019


Arguably the best Nebbiolo producer in Australia, Luke Lambert has excelled once again with this 2019 release.

Angullong Fossil Hill Rosé 2022


A very tasty savoury Rosé that has some great fruit behind it that propels the delish factor. Great stuff this. 

The Parched Crow Rosé 2021


If a bone dry savoury Rosé is your go-to, this release from The Parched Crow may become your weapon of choice.

Oxford Landing Riverlife Wake Making Moscato 2022


A new range of fun, easy-going wines from Oxford Landing, this Moscato will please those who find delight in a little sweetness. Scan the label for a bit of augmented reality action too.

Oliver's Taranga Vine Dried Cabernet 2021


A very herby and savoury Cabernet that gains terrific momentum with time in the glass. Made in the Amarone style, the fruit was rack dried to intensify the flavours.

Nightfall Draco Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


Let's start 2023 with a bang! In the words of the great Bruce McAvaney, this Nightfall Draco Cabernet is "something special". I sat with this for some time and returned to it on a second and third day. Just wow! Layers of interest kept peeling off with absolute ease. This is a class act all the way.