August 2017 - QWine Reviews

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Penley Estate Phoenix 2015

Penley Estate's entry level Cabernet which seems to punch about its weight year after year. I recall buying it as a go-to back in the l...

Soumah Equilibrio Syrah 2015

As per the back label, "Some would call it Reserve but we call it Equilibrio as, at the end of the day, it is all about harmony and b...

Koonowla Riesling 2017

The back label description reads awfully similar to its sibling, The Ringmaster . This Riesling drinks much better mind you.

Giant Steps Syrah 2016

This wine is slowly creeping up my favourites list. Sure there are wines which offer all sorts of class on the list, but this Syrah in re...

Yelland & Papps Shiraz 2016

Here's a bit of comfort for those seeking a cuddle on the inside when things aren't going right on your preferred reality TV prog...

Giant Steps Merlot 2016

Merlot done right. Sadly, this variety isn't treated with the respect it deserves at times. Often boring and one dimensional to some,...

Robert Stein Riesling 2017

Classy Riesling from Mudgee - not your usual Riesling hotspot either mind you. Walk this turf friends if you are yet to discover the name....

Tellurian Riesling 2017

Here' something you don't see every day... Heathcote Riesling. The Hopkins family aren't afraid to try new things, and desp...

Gundog Estate Rosé 2017

I don't go to Canberra much. Not many people do from what I gather. I'm pretty sure in the local dialect that Gundog means 'd...

Gundog Estate Shiraz 2016

Strap yourself in - we have a live one here. After a quick whiff I reckon I could keep my snout in the trough til bottle's end, easy.