January 2020 - QWine Reviews

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Mérite Malbec 2016

Oh boy. Here's a wine worthy of wrapping both arms around and embracing. And don't let go. Just don't. Such a wonderfully invi...
January 30, 2020

Hidden Creek Shiraz 2018

I preferred this to its Syrah sibling. It comes across a little more polished. Perhaps more rounded is a better descriptor?
January 28, 2020

Nomads Garden Dolcetto 2018

Slinky stuff. There's some versatility about this Dolcetto too. A little chill in the fridge adds another dimension. Great stuff.
January 27, 2020

Hidden Creek Chardonnay 2018

From the winery awarded Queensland's best at the 2018 Queensland Wine Awards comes this concentrated Chardonnay from the Granite Belt...
January 22, 2020

Nuova Scuola Nebbiolo 2018

There are more of these 'drink now' Nebbiolos on the market, and I've got to say, I like what they bring to the landscape.
January 22, 2020

Lightning Tree Saperavi 2018

Saperavi is a Georgian variety gaining some good traction in Australia. Pair this a roast beef or hearty casserole and happiness with fol...
January 12, 2020

Nuova Scuola Rosato 2019

Sarah and Stefano Radici have been making all the right noises since starting their Nuova Scuola range a couple of years ago. Their motto...
January 10, 2020

Yabby Lake Chardonnay 2017

I had the opportunity to have a look at this beside the Stonier Chardonnay 2017 . A wonderful comparison between two wines from the sa...
January 07, 2020

Woodstock Shiraz 2015

Bit of a donut wine - there's a hole in the middle. Normally a comment reserved for Cabernet, I found it quite prominent here.
January 06, 2020