Friday 29 October 2021

Balgownie Estate Shiraz 2008

What a fabulous wine this is! Age has delivered a glorious Shiraz. Given its age and quality, I highly recommend gifting this to someone deserving.

Gaelic Cemetery McAskill Cabernet Malbec 2019


Give this time and you'll reap the reward. Quite tense early, it was still calming itself down on Day 3 of tasting. With a long life ahead, it's a wine that grows on you with more time in the glass.

Balgownie Estate Shiraz 2018


I tasted this beside the 2008 - what a treat it was to receive a sample of each and witness firsthand the start of the journey and to see where things are headed. This is a keeper. Be patient and you'll be rewarded.

Montalto Merricks Pinot Noir 2020


There is some bunchy goodness in this Merricks Pinot. Laced with wonderful spices, it doesn't push through the mouth as much as its siblings.

Tyrrell's Special Reserve Shiraz Pinot 2021


What a delicious drink! The bottle will disappear in no time. Dangerously medium-bodied, the energy and vibrancy of this wine just oozes class.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Montalto Main Ridge Pinot Noir 2020


Just gorgeous. So pretty and nimble, this Main Ridge Pinot evolved beautifully in the glass. This 2020 vintage comes with a jazzed up new label, but I don't have a pic to share so it's back to the old for now. Don't let that deter you, this is a treasure deluxe.

Pirathon Black Label Shiraz 2017


If you like 'em large, this nails it. There is lots of oak here and plenty of clout. But its generosity has a welcoming hospitality about its swagger. I'd have a glass or two easy. I know many others who would too.

Miles From Nowhere Best Blocks Chardonnay 2020


Here's one from the left field. Or is that Miles From Nowhere? An impressive Margaret River Chardonnay that just exudes moreish appeal. It's a fab example of the variety from this region for only 25 bucks. Serve it blind and you'd think you paid much more. I did. As you do at the checkout, just tap here...

Gaelic Cemetery Celtic Farm Riesling 2019

Riesling with its game face on. Focused with some development under its belt, this Clare Valley treasure gives a wonderful insight into where it's headed for the years to come. 

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Montalto North One Pinot Noir 2020


The Montalto Red Hill Pinot Noir has had a make-over and it is now to be known as the North One. The label looks pretty smart although I don't have a pic to share so it's back to the old for now. Alas, this Pinot is classy as ever.

Paisley Wines Boombox Shiraz 2019


As a wine writer, I have received various things over the years to enhance my tasting experience. Socks and t-shirts always help - it beats tasting in the nude. An Iron Maiden coffee mug was once supplied by a winemaker to taste his Shiraz. That was memorable! But Paisley Wines take things to a new level recommending this playlist curated by the winemaker - none other than DJ Deadly. Oh, and the wine is damn tasty too.

O'Leary Walker Seasonal Release Chardonnay 2021


Hello to the changing face of O'Leary Walker Wines. Their new Seasonal Release range of wines has been hitting the mark deluxe. This Chardonnay is their first white to fall under this banner and Chardy lovers have plenty of reasons to rejoice.

Pirathon Silver Label Shiraz 2018

There are several wines that demonstrate that classic Barossa entry-level Shiraz which you'd happily go back to time and again. Add this Pirathon Silver Label to the list. A bit like that brash puppy dog, it shows its youth and wants to get amongst it all yet settles and finds comfort.

Dodgy Bros Juxtaposed Rosé 2021

A Rosé that needs some food. There's some booty here that needs to be tamed. A burger will do the trick, even a sausage sizzle in the park.

Paisley Wines Cashmere Riesling 2021

The Jasmine flowers come out at my place this time of the year only to tell me that Riesling season is in full swing. Here is a very tidy Riesling from a small Barossa producer worth you befriending.

Sunday 24 October 2021

Ridgemill Estate Joshua's Pup 2021


Talk about nailing the medium-bodied style. This Shiraz Grenache is balanced without being heavy-handed or weighty. It breezes through the mouth yet leaves a trail of consideration in its wake. Yes!

Montalto Estate Pinot Noir 2020


This Montalto Estate is more about the craftsmanship and skill of winemaker Simon Black than the Pinot itself. Here he brings together parcels of fruit that show greater intensity and structure with Red Hill and Main Ridge being the main players. It's an excellent wine.

Burton McMahon Syme Pinot Noir 2020


Endearing, clever, arms wide-open. It's that inclusive friend that seeks you out and wants you to join in. And you should. This is a belter!

Hillsdale Estate Verdelho 2021


This is one out of the box - it's sleek and lean. Considering Verdelho is often lambasted in some quarters for lacking personality, check this. It's mightily impressive and highly recommended.

Burton McMahon George's Pinot Noir 2020


Darker in appearance, darker fruit too, this George's vineyard has a denser delivery than its Syme sibling. Two small parcels saw 100% whole bunch fermentation and the result is telling.

Zema Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


Classic Coonawarra. Classic Cabernet. As I've said before, this would be dearer from other regions. Lap this up Cabernet lovers. A steal for 30 bucks.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Brash Higgins Grenache Mataro 2020


A luxurious ride through the pleasure dome. There is so much to seek out here. Bright fruit, depth, savoury elements, persistence... Find me in a comfy chair over there as I tuck in.

d'Arenberg The Innocent Weed GMS 2020


The Innocent Weed is all about that pesky spear grass that pins itself to you unsuspectingly. These are kept at bay in d'Arenberg's organic and biodynamic vineyards by the use of herbicides put them to sleep and improve the soils.

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Brash Higgins Ripple 2021


Having witnessed Brad Hickey go about his work during vintage, his desire to let the fruit speak for itself is one of his core objectives. This carbonic Cabernet and Nero d'Avola is a vibe and an example of a little bit of creativity delivering excellent results.

d'Arenberg The Conscious Biosphere 2018


Another one of those epic names from Chester Osborn. The Conscious Biosphere refers to the human impact on the earth and the need to plant sustainable varieties for warmer climates. Here we have the marriage of organic Petit Syrah and Aglianico.

O'Leary Walker Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Bursting from the glass, this is so fragrant and aromatic. Sauv Blanc lovers ought to introduce themselves - you'll be impressed.

Yalumba Y Series Chardonnay 2021


You'd be a hard marker to knock this $15 Chardonnay. Without a splinter of oak in sight, the fruit does all the talking. Readily available, this is a neat find.

Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio 2021

An easy-drinking Pinot Grigio for not a lot of outlay. Another reliable performer in the ever-present Y Series range.

Sunday 17 October 2021

Yalumba Galway Vintage Shiraz 2019


Pop 'n' pour. This is such an easy wine to turn to. For less than 20 bucks, no one loses here. Yalumba has pulled out a heritage label for the re-launch - just another reason to embrace this piece of Australian wine history. 

d'Arenberg The Sensorial Surfer Fiano 2021


Part of the growing organic range from d'Arenberg that has been getting a good push of late, this is a shift from the "house" style and it's noticeable. Here we have a delightful Fiano. It just feels and tastes good. That's enough to hook you in, right? 

Dodgy Brothers Juxtaposed Fiano 2021


Lunchtime drinking done well. Find me a sushi platter, please.

Yalumba Y Series Tempranillo 2020


Tempranillo is synonymous with pizza and paella but a sausage on bread (onions on top if you don't mind) is a more than suitable match next time you are loitering at a park barbecue with your friends.

Friday 15 October 2021

Paisley Turntable GMS 2019

If you are on the hunt to find a new small producer to support, Paisley Wines are worth throwing your arms around. I've seen their wines for the last two vintages now and their consistency and quality at the price point is hard to fault. This GMS is a delicious wine and such as easy slurp.

Soumah Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


I made the comment in my recent review of the Syrah that Soumah wines are always interesting, approachable and easy to kick back with. Maybe I shot myself in the foot? Or I spoke too soon. Oops. This is a good Cabernet but not up there with previous releases.

Yalumba Y Series Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Simple, easy-going in nature, this is a fair drink for the money. If you like something to slurp on that is uncomplicated, go forth with this in hand.

O'Leary Walker Polish Hill River Riesling 2021


The marvelous Riesling duo from O'Leary Walker is one I look forward to each year. This Polish Hill River takes the flag once more in 2021. A fab drink ready to add pleasure to your afternoon kickbacks.

Thursday 14 October 2021

Wednesday 13 October 2021

Yalumba Y Series Pinot Noir 2021


The latest addition to the Y Series clan, here is a wine that wants to be trendy and hang with the cool kids. It wears skinny jeans but they still flap in the breeze. It needs to fill out a bit more, but for $15, it's an easy, simple red.

Yalumba Y Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


A firm, robust Cabernet. Lamb chops on the barbecue are calling.

Yalumba Y Series Merlot 2019


A solid go-to and really good going for the money. You can often find these Y Series wines better than the $15 RRP. The better wines in the range are well worth it too - this is one of them.

Lemon Villa Cabernet Merlot 2019

Flat pan and muted. Not a great deal of interest. Too young and in need of more time perhaps?

Lemon Villa Cabernet Merlot 2018


Everything you want in an easy drinking and approachable wine is here. It's measured and reliable. 

Lemon Villa Cabernet Merlot 2017


A Cabernet Merlot from Orange, NSW, that gets a tick.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Pizzini Rubacuori Sangiovese 2016


These playful new labels capture the Pizzini history fabulously. This one is of Katrina Pizzini on the front of what seems her new car. I would be sitting on a Maroon XD Falcon but that's another story... Here we have a serious expression of Sangiovese. Sink your teeth in and your claws. Delicious and then some.

Lyons Will Estate Riesling 2021


Lacy and delicate, this is a damn clever Riesling.

Gundog Estate Canberra Riesling 2021

Riesling from the Canberra district which I'd like to see with some bottle age on it.

Monday 11 October 2021

Dodgy Bros Juxtaposed Old Vine Shiraz 2020

As winemaker Wes Pearson says, "An expression of the Sandy Corner Block in 2020 and nothing more." Wes sure does love to stay out of the way and let the fruit do the talking. An excellent wine, clear the landing strip and descend on this.