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Usher Tinkler Red Shiraz Pinot 2022


This is a bucket load of joy with dancy feet. Bright, juicy, dancy - can we leave the review at that? Gobfuls of pleasure awaits.

Slurpable deluxe, this is happiness at every turn. Red fruits are energetic bursting with vibrant red cherries, a flash of raspberries, a guiding hand of mulberries and a sprinkle of fine spice to keep things sophisticated. Not overly deep with flavour but enough to leave something to ponder, it's a glass full of pleasure not taking life too seriously yet whisking you away on a most enjoyable ride. It will take a slight chill in warmer months or share it around the campfire on cooler nights. Either way, it's great gear. 

Drink to three years.


Region: Hunter Valley
RRP: $30
Source: Sample

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