Friday, 27 April 2012

Angove Long Row Shiraz 2008

If you are after a cheap bottle of red wine, look no further.

The Angove Long Row range has regularly been of outstanding quality for the price point, and here lies another example.

I have seen this on the shelves, yes still the 2008 vintage, and what a bargain deluxe it is. Sure, it is not going to scoop the pool at wine shows, but that is not why you would be spending $10 or less on a bottle of wine. For drink ability, varietal characteristics and value, whoa, this is superb!!

Good dark fruit colour with a nose of red berries, spice and pepper. Some oak poking around in there too which is great, and admittedly, the oak would be chips or staves, but their presence adds another dimension to the varietal characters already present.

Upon entry the fruit persists in the front palate with plum, spice and pepper. The fruit is by no means dense nor heavy, but has enough weight to be respected.

Finish is fine with dusty traits, which lingers well.

Seriously, you'd be happy to pay double and still be satisfied. All this for $9.75 rrp, and I've seen it readily available and discounted to a mere $8!

Go on big spender...treat yourself. You'll be surprised :)

Who: Angove
What: Shiraz (14% abv)
Where: Riverland, South Australia
When: 2008
How: $8
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