Monday, 25 June 2012

Tobin Wines "Max" Shiraz 2010

I had the pleasure of enjoying this at a restaurant recently. We sat at the bar and ordered it sipping away. Interestingly enough, as we were led to our table some time later, a quick glance around the room netted another six of the same bottle being enjoyed by the guests that evening.  The wine list was quite comprehensive and this bottle was priced more heavily than than the $35 rrp - as you'd expect in a restaurant. Had these consumers turned a blind eye to the fact it was a Queensland wine? Had the punters chosen to indulge in something different? Or was it quite simply that Tobins are producing wine that is making people sit up and take notice?

On a recent trip to the Granite Belt I went to Tobins - only to leave empty handed on both occasions. Having heard so much about these wines I was gutted that each occasion my timing was so poor only to have a dozen beat me to the bench on one occasion, and to have a bus load to queue behind on my return visit.

When I saw this on the wine list at the restaurant, nothing was getting in my way to have a look.

A beautiful example of a cool climate Shiraz. The nose was fragrant with gentle spices and savouriness. Cinnamon and white pepper sitting behind ripe berries, blackberry all quite prominent. A medium palate with some granite texture and grit which was heightened by the rich berry fruit. The finish lingered tremendously with a fine tannin bordering on dusty.

Although most enjoyable and very approachable now, this will age well in the medium term and will definitely get better in the years to come.

Who: Tobin Wines
What: Shiraz (13.4% abv)
Where: Granite Belt
When: 2010
How: $35

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