Sunday, 2 October 2011

Oliver's Taranga Cadenzia Grenache 2008

A gobful of of goodness right here!
This Grenache from McLaren Vale is a beauty.
Deep crimson and deep maroon in appearance, the first whiff hit me with some oak and then raspberries and spice. Some sweetness came into play too.
A lovely mouth feel and my suspicion was correct after checking the website. There is 5% of Shiraz sitting in there. The palate did seem a little fleshier than expected and not that this is a bad thing. That little shiraz hit adds that smidge of grunt factor - and I loved it!
The raspberries and spice follow through to the palate from the nose. The spice in this Grenache was a winner and leaves you longing for more. Super long finish ensures you have plenty to think about with fine smooth tannins. And that spice, hmmm, give me another top up please!