Sunday, 11 March 2012

Yalumba Y Series Vermentino 2011

The Yalumba Y Series represents seriously good value and this Vermentino sticks to the winning formula.

Super light in colour with a water like hue. The nose is loaded up with  tropical fruit and melon along with citrus elements, specifically a sweet lemony curd/tart aroma.

Simple flavours on the palate - clean and crisp. Not too heavy and drinking a bucket of the stuff wouldn't be difficult on a warm day served ice cold. Tropical flavours flow from the nose to palate with ease, with an added herbal twist, leaving you pondering the next mouthful. No need to wait for this one either - drink now.

I'm often asked for alternatives to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I'd highly recommend giving this a go for its easy approach and value. I've seen this regularly around the $10 mark, and for that, what a bargain!!

Go on, give it a go - you've got nothing to lose!

Who: Yalumba
What: Vermentino (11.5% abv)
Where: South Australia
When: 2011
How: $10

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  1. Totally agree with this review, vermintino will be the next marlborough savvy in three years ! The australian wine industry needs this to prosper and learn from the people who had the guts to make it work and make other alternative white and red varieties sing a song on the aussie consumers palate and put nz savvy to sleep for a while.