Thursday, 15 November 2012

Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rosé 2012

The Yalumba Y Series oozes value right across the range. Every wine is very approachable and non-confrontational, and so, so drinkable.

This Y Series Sangiovese Rosé is no different. I did my bit with it and indulged in the #RoseRev on Twitter, Wednesday 14 November. Once again, a very easy drinking wine. I had to keep checking the alcohol content as this slid down the hatch without trouble.

Cherries and dried strawberry type aromas. A Rosé on the drier side, the palate isn't laced with flavour, though the cherries perch themselves nicely. The action is at the front to mid palate. An ever so subtle spice on the finish, but the approachability makes this a bargain.

RRP of $14.95, the Y Series is often discounted to around the $10 mark which makes this excellent buying. And if you did pay the full tilt, you are still winning.

Drink chilled soaking up the sun, picnicking with friends or sitting on the beach.

A drop like this doesn't need analysis though, just drink it and smile!

Who: Yalumba
What: Rosé - Sangiovese (12%abv)
Where: Barossa Valley
When: 2012
How: $14.95

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  1. Tasted this amongst a swag of pinkies - we're very similar in our thoughts. Not the most flavoursome, but by jove it doesn't long for it to disappear.

  2. Great to hear we are on the same page. Damn good value when it's on sale for $10 which happens more often than not.