Wednesday, 12 November 2014

d'Arenberg The Money Spider Roussanne 2013

An interesting wine but one which left me more questions than answers.

Upon opening there were aromas similar to canned peach and apricot syrup with a dash of lemon butter. With more time in the glass this morphed into subdued pear, green mango and some green melon.

Soft fruit but front palate dominant, it doesn't draw to the back and leaves it feeling empty. You get a sense it is trying to stretch itself but just doesn't have the elasticity to get there. The acid is not balanced and is bitey and feels like it's tearing at my teeth. Some fatty food wasn't able to help me out here either. Sad face.

Despite going back a few times, it just couldn't woo me. No thanks.

Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $20
Source: Sample

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