Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Clovely Estate Blanc de Blanc 2009

This is the first fizz made by Clovely Estate. Started by former winemaker and CEO Luke Fitzpatrick and finished by Sarah Boyce, prior to this Clovely bought their fizz from Hardys and stuck their label on the front.

After four years on lees in the bottle, this steps out and makes an appearance. It's a bloody good first up effort I must admit, my only question is the price. When you go over the $30 mark you start mixing with the serious players. And whilst this is very tidy, I wouldn't pay the asking price. Stick a glass in my hand though and I wouldn't complain at all mind you.

Bready, toasty, and brioche characters are all there. Some lemon and lemon curd add nicely to the profile. The bead is consistent and the colour is on the mark. Good depth and length are certainly engaging which move to a persistent and long finish. A welcome addition to the Clovely portfolio.

Available online or cellar door.

Region: South Burnett
RRP: $35
Source: Sample


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