Thursday, 8 September 2011

Brokenwood Chardonnay 2009

One thing that is for sure is that Brokenwood is always going to be an interesting wine worth looking at. Something which seems to work for them time and time again is the multi regional approach they have to some of the wines in their range. The fruit in this case comes from Beechworth (Victoria) , Cowra (NSW) and McLaren Vale (South Australia) with percentages of 44%, 33% and 23% respectively.

Pale straw in colour, it has a nose of tropical fruits, peaches and even a bit of biscuit. Oak is a prominent feature on the palate, and those initial aromas of peach and biscuit follow through to the palate with a lovely full roundedness. If oak is not your thing, have a look elsewhere, but for barrel fermented goodness, this is flavour country. Finish is creamy and long with a touch of spice and a need to put the glass to your mouth again.
A neat package at 13.5% abv and sells for around $25.