Tuesday, 4 December 2012

McLeish Estate Dwyer Rosé 2012

I was sharing this with friends and as I was topping up glasses, I was met with the response, "Oh, I don't like sweet wine."

This response is one which is sadly common amongst those with preconceived ideas on Riesling and Rosé. Movements such as @RoseRev are doing a fabulous job to get more people to introduce themselves to a bit of pink, but also break down the barriers which have been built for whatever reason. Most importantly, not all Riesling and Rosé are sweet!

This Rosé from the Hunter Valley is made from Shiraz. Bright cherry appearance, there are aromas of currants and watermelon, though these aromas weren't leaping from the glass.

A dry style Rosé, there is a lick of spice and some textural interest on the palate. Good length backs this up well too. A wine to have with food, the back label suggests Turkish Delight flavours, something I wasn't picking up.

Chill down and enjoy with a meat board. I did and it matched the food beautifully.

Who: McLeish Estate http://www.mcleishhunterwines.com.au/
What: Rosé - Shiraz (11.9% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2012
How: $18

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  1. Interesting. Does this mean the individual perceived it to be sweet, even though dry? Just asking as assumed they'd tried it if you were topping up...

    Taste and sense thresholds are interesting, read an enjoyable a year or two back about what levels residual sugar is (unfermentable) and imperceptible. Good drinking to you.

    1. Fair comment. I was topping up but the lady in question was yet to have a taste of this wine. Her comment was most interesting and she looked unsure when I said it was a dry style. Perceptions can be hard to break down and this was a positive outcome which was great.