Monday, 30 September 2013

St Ronan's Apple Cider

This is real cider folks! Method Traditionelle Apple Cider. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

The brains behind St Ronan's are two great mates Troy Jones and Eric Driessen. Their goal was to create cider which was different to everything in the market place and this they have achieved.

St Ronan's is going from strength to strength with their cider which also comes in kegs and is poured in various venues in the Melbourne CBD including Brother Burger and Cider House.

A perfect aperitif with the acid balanced nicely enabling food to be partnered easily. A golden appearance not too dissimilar to a lager, it is still a little cloudy. The only addition made was some sulphur and yeast (of course!). No acid, concentrate, no water and no tannins thrown in. 100% real cider.

Pure and cleansing, it tastes like, well, freshly cut apples! Not too hard on the fizz, the fruit sits and lingers for a while with a little yeasty finish. Bloody good and very refreshing.

Serve icy cold and be taken to cider heaven.

Who: St Ronan's Cider
What: Apple Cider (8% alc)
Where: Yarra Valley
How: $27 (750mL)

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