Saturday, 13 September 2014

Knappstein Insider Riesling 2013

Take a whiff and you could be excused for thinking this a Pinot Gris not Riesling. There's a distinct waft of pear which comes with the PG territory. Hang around a little longer and the usual Riesling citrus appeal swings into action.

The thing I love about this wine is the yin and yang thing. It appears to dry out only for the 9g/L of residual sugar to blast in at the death.

The palate is built up nicely with good weight courtesy of 48 hour skin contact during ferment. But hello, that sexy textural thing which asks so many questions, only deserves the respect of another sip.

This Insider range deliberately side steps the norm and this Riesling sits perfectly beside its Shiraz Malbec sibling. Don't expect fresh and zesty Riesling here, just get ready to indulge in something with massive guzzle factor.

Lots to love. Very good.

Region: Clare Valley
RRP: $27
Source: Sample

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