Sunday, 7 December 2014

Witches Falls Co-inoculated Verdelho 2013

Two strains of yeast are used to make this wine based on studies conducted by the AWRI, hence, co-inoculated. The aim is to produce intense aromas and flavours.

For me there wasn't the intensity I hoped for. There's plenty of pineapple, pawpaw and some honeydew melon aromas, but the usual tropical characters synonymous with the variety stop there. A creamy undertow is prominent in the mouth. It's a bit like rice pudding in some respects.

Some texture on the palate takes away the vibrancy of the fruit leaving some mouth warmth. I have generally found Verdelho to offer some refreshment on hot days with the comfort of seafood nearby. On this occasion, not so much.

A fair wine but not one I would purchase.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $24
Source: Sample

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