Thursday, 21 May 2015

Payten & Jones Paul's Range Chardonnay 2013

I tasted this Chardy in a line up of five. This was the most golden in the glass. The wine is packaged attractively. Cool label and comes in a heavy bottle, though the pic right doesn't do it justice.

From a single vineyard, aromas were muted and the fruit lacks spark. I was a fan of the 2012 but this seems to be a step back.

Fleshy white peach and oxidised apple aromas but the fruit, highlighted by caramalised peach and honey type characters, is dominated more by the vanillin oak. Not heavily oaked mind you, but the fruit seemed restrained. A decent length to finish. Hard to justify the $40 when others a little cheaper offer more get up and go.


Region: Yarra Valley
RRP: $40
Source: Sample

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