Monday, 14 December 2015

Quartz Hill Viognier 2014

A great example of how temperature can effect how a wine presents. Admittedly, I tasted this too cold (I was just thirsty!) and as it gradually warmed it started to show its stripes.

Baked apricot, gingerbread man, yellow fleshed peach. I felt my mouth was wrapped up with flavour which almost refused to move on. That ginger action sits and lingers. Smart. More time in the glass and canned apricot nestles its way forward. The weight of the fruit is the clincher for me.

A variety which deserves more respect, I'd go here again without doubt.

A neat find. Available website only.

Drink in the short term.

Very good.

Region: Pyrenees
RRP: $32
Source: Sample

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