Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Raidis Estate Cheeky Goat Pinot Gris 2015

Yes it's Pinot Gris. Yes it's pink. Well, more salmon and copper really. Regardless, great to see the colour of the skins having some input with this Raidis release.

Very slurpable, there's plenty here to keep you amused. Crisp but generous in delivery. What almost appears to be white fleshed peach aromas, pears flavours true to form and a subtle spice - sort of ginger, sort of pepper. Some weight keeps things things ticking away nicely too. It just has approachability and then some.

A fab drink. One of those ladies you'd be proud to take home and introduce to your mother.

Very good.

Region: Coonawarra
RRP: $20
Source: Sample


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