Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Arras Grand Vintage 2003

This is a smashing bottle and excellent example of Australian Pinot Chard, coming from Tasmania who produce many stellar examples.

Medium straw appearance and a wonderfully fine bead. The palate is a delicate mix of creamy, biscuity goodness. Almonds are prominant too.
It sits in the palate beautifully and is seamless from start to finish due to its great acid structure.
The finish is super long lasting and urges another sip.
I have read much about winemaker Ed Carr and his ability to produce cracking sparkling wines. The proof is here. This is clearly the best Australian Sparkling I have had the pleasure of sharing. Nectar!
On the shelf it sells for $55-$65, which in my opinion, is an excellent option compared to some of the French Champagnes offered at that mark.