Friday, 4 November 2011

Brokenwood Forest Edge Chardonnay 2009

With my first whiff of this, I knew I was onto a winner. All the things I love in a chardonnay have come together in a very tidy package. Hand picked, bunch pressed, wild ferment, 80% new French oak. Oh yeah!
The fruit comes the Forest Edge vineyard in Orange which was planted in 1998. The last few wines I've had from Orange have not let me down either.

A touch off golden, the oak influence in the wine was obvious in the glass. A nose of tropical fruits, toasty oak and a whack of vanilla.
The palate was delish! Juicy fruit flavours with a moreish apricot thing going on. It would start off easy but then the complexity develops nicely with wonderful sensations bouncing around (13.5% abv). From tropical fruit, to apricots, it then went to juicy mango and finally the oak component chimes in leaving a long finish. Lip smacking goodness.

This was a treat. Giddy up!