Wednesday, 18 April 2012

TeAro Estate "Jokers Grin" 2008

I'm just going to keep this simple, because this was simply outstanding!!

For a blend to be thrown together to get this'd only wish every blend was as delicious.

The traditional blend used for the Joker's Grin is Shiraz and Cabernet only, but the warmth of the 2008 vintage needed a little tinkering, and what a result!

As soon as I tipped this into the decanter, my nasal cavity was smashed with a berry basket. Mighty impressive, and as time went on, the nose grew deeper and more concentrated. Perfect start!

The wine is a blend of Shiraz (41%), Cabernet (41%), Merlot (18%) and they are all interwoven perfectly. A slick splinter of oak further enhances the palate, all tidied up with a lick of spice.

A generous length which is fine and smooth - talk about bang for buck ($20 rrp)

One of the best blends I have had at this price point. Man it's good! That "Jokers Grin" will stay wrapped around your face for a while after this passes your lips.

Who: TeAro Estate
What: Jokers Grin - Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot (14.5% abv)
Where: Barossa Valley
When: 2008
How: $20

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