Monday, 3 September 2012

Yelland & Papps Delight Shiraz 2011

From a tough vintage the wine is light first up and certainly not a monster. Peppery, earthy, some leather and slight violet aromas present themselves.

Soft and very easy to drink. The back of the palate is where the party is at and there is some juicy action happening down there. Gentle warming spice appears throughout and creates a moreish sensation.

Perfect for a mid week drop with pizza, spaghetti bolognese or those tomato based dishes.

Who: Yelland & Papps
What: Shiraz (13.5% alc)
Where: Barossa
When: 2011
How: $19.95

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  1. Just tasted this wine Steve and reckon you're on the money. It's a great quaffer!