Sunday, 13 October 2013

O'Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling 2013

You know those times as a child you'd get something special and run to a secluded spot to hide so you don't have to share it? Yeah, that's how I felt with this wine.

An absolute belter of a Riesling, and for $20, I'd love to hide it from everyone else and keep it for myself...shame for me is there are 1500 cartons of it floating around the country.

Riesling lovers who embrace minerality and texture will love this yet I can see those who like more fruity styles may not agree with me. But hey, that's the beauty of wine.

White flowers delivering a fresh fragrance, a squeeze of lime and lime pith. The texture delivered is spot on as is the acid balance. Characteristics of some riverstone and a steeliness do bob up as with previous vintages but aren't dominant.

A mouthful of deliciousness which is great now and will cellar well for at least a decade.

Get some.

Who: O'Leary Walker Wines
What: Riesling (12% alc)
Where: Polish Hill River, Clare Valley
When: 2013
How: $20