Friday, 18 October 2013

St Ronan's Pear Cider

I absolutely love the apple cider these guys punch out, and as tasty as that was, this is just as good. Both are made exactly the same, the only difference being one is apple and the other pear.

Icy cold, I was having this on a stinking hot day. Super refreshing, crisp, fresh and textural. I felt like someone had just dropped some freshly cut pears in my mouth.

Enter the pig on a spit and the experience went to a whole new level. A great match!

I shared this with a few friends and, well, the bottle (750ml) was gone before we could top up. Unanimous love and lots of talk about the textural appeal.

Available on tap too, it is hitting all the trendy Melbourne bars and independent stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Give your insides a treat with the apple or pear. You deserve it!

Who: St Ronan's Cider
What: Pear Cider (7% alc)
Where: Yarra Valley
How: $27 (750mL)