Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bimbadgen MCA Series Nebbiolo 2013

Tasty booze this. It's varietal and a classic match for a meat board on a lazy afternoon.

A quick whiff and the first thing that hit me was lipstick! The red stuff, not that I'm exactly an expert on all things lipstick mind you. Add to it aromas of potpourri, and some twigs. It just smells great. The fruit provides good softness. Highlighted by red berry and cranberry flavours, they drive through to what seems a spicy fruit cake finish. The fruit and oak are balanced nicely. Real noice! Typical drying dusty and powdery tannins wrap up a very good wine.

I wouldn't say no to having a glass or two.

Region: Hilltops
RRP: $29
Source: Sample


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