Monday, 2 February 2015

Ten Minutes By Tractor 10X Sauvignon Blanc 2013

It's almost unfair that this would sit on the retail shelf next to other Sauvignon Blancs. If you have a picture of what Sauvignon Blanc is and what it looks like (I must admit I do and it's not favourable), this wine changes much of that and all for good reason too.

A quick swirl of the glass reveals a wine which is lively yet there's some creaminess in the mix. This is a result of 100% whole bunches, 100% wild yeast fermentation in old French oak, 55% malolactic fermentation, and it was aged for seven months. Apologies for going hard with the detail but this is where this Sauv steps out from the rest. Hands have got dirty making this wine.

Green melon, passion fruit and a drop of citrus float above the creaminess which runs unobstructed throughout. A moreish finish hangs on nicely. Very nicely in fact.

If only there was more Sauv Blancs like this out there.

Region: Mornington Peninsula
RRP: $28
Source: Sample

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