Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hardy's Tintara McLaren Vale Shiraz 2013

A wine which reminds me of the a bloke who comes from a good family but is a bit rough around the edges. You know the type. The family is always well groomed, live comfortably in a neat and tidy house with all siblings conforming except this guy. He's scruffy, hard edged, and just doesn't speak as softly as the others. You've met this guy I'm sure. We all have at some stage.

So this Shiraz hits the chords of a McLaren Vale Shiraz in some respects but dodges the softly softly approach to life. A day on and the onslaught couldn't be stemmed. Black pepper corns, dark and red fruits, dark chocolate are all there on the nose. But the grunt and sheer brut of the palate isn't floating my boat. Spicy and heavy, the finish is grainy and sandy.

Not my style but whack a steak and some veg beside it and that may soften the blow.

Good (but only just).

Region: McLaren Vale
RRP: $28
Source: Sample

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