Thursday, 2 June 2016

Yelland & Papps Devote Roussanne 2015

Yelland & Papps would have to be my favourite Roussanne producer - hands down, pants down.

Every whiff and taste peels off something new.

Aromas of lemon juice and zest, green apples, scrumpy/cider like, butterscotch and jersey caramel too. Add a dollop of creaminess, a result of barrel fermentation in French oak (29% new) for three weeks and then relaxing for another 8 months prior to bottling.

Plentiful, generous and crisp, lemony to taste first up. Almond meal and poached pear continue to add layers of interest. Citrusy type acid will see this live for many years yet.

Seriously delish! I'd happily share a bottle with anyone, any time.

Very good+

Region: Barossa
RRP: $40
Source: Sample

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