Monday, 24 June 2013

Sitting Ducks Cider

A change from the norm here with a post on cider.

Cider has been a boom product of late with so much of it saturating the market. But that saturation is not necessarily the good gear. Many big companies, most of which have their hands in the pockets of supermarket distributors, are pumping out incredible amounts of cider made from concentrate. Yep. Concentrate. Consumers have no clue what they are drinking nor where it is from, and in the vast majority of cases they don't care. It's cold and sweet so bottoms up!

I read a tweet recently stating that 893,378,000 Litres of Chinese apple concentrate has been imported into Australia and I'd suggest much of it is going down the necks of those reaching out for a cheap, sweet, mass produced cider kick.

Then I stumble across this. Sitting Ducks. A new comer on the scene with two ciders made in the Adelaide Hills from 100% juice, not concentrate.

The apple cider is a mix of the Fuji, Pink Lady and Granny Smith varieties. A dry style and a perfect food type to accompany a roast pork. Roast pork and cider, you can't go wrong! It's clean and crisp and weighs in at a big 6% alc.

My preference of the two is the Peary cider. Many pear ciders have a near clear appearance but this looks light golden. It really hit the spot for me. Not too dry and certainly not too sweet. Smack bang in the middle. A great drink to sit back with on a warm afternoon to knock back a few (4.5% alc).

Availability is increasing across the nation but at this stage it is mainly available in good independent bottle shops in Adelaide and Melbourne or online.

Who: Sitting Ducks Cider
What: Apple & Pear Cider
Where: Adelaide Hills
How: $15 (per four pack)